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Create the Learning Moment

It is the "Aha" or learning moment that we are seeking, the moment that our work, insights and knowledge are realised, understood and embraced by someone else.

Vision is our best source for observing and gaining insight into human performance. As we observe an event through our own lens, a good portion of what happens is missed as we cannot focus on everything within the field of view. While our personal recollection of the event is seemingly correct, others will invariably see it through a different lens.

This difference in perspective is the gap that must be closed in order to create the best opportunity for the learning moment to take place. The best way to close this gap is through the use of Fulcrum's vision technologies to capture, analyze and review the performance data.

At Fulcrum, we are inspired by the opportunity to help you create learning moments.


Work in New Perspectives

Developed to put you on the front foot with modern technologies, Angles opens up unique and creative ways to work with your performance vision data. Angles will make you look and work smarter by enhancing your analysis and presentation capabilities.

Capture & Import

Angles supports a variety of capture devices and easily imports H.264 and H.265 movies up to 4K resolution. Capture features include multi-source input, DVR capabilities that support delayed review to within seconds behind the live feed and customizable capture settings.


Mark up clips in real time on a timeline during capture or post event. The mark up interface supports image import to design stunning graphical inputs. Custom button shortcuts are assignable to help increase data capture input. Configurable button actions enhance complex data capture sequences.


Up to 8x Full HD or 2x Ultra HD simulataneous movie angle playback with amazing frame display timing and sizing controls. Individual clips can contain custom panning and zooming, so you can focus on one specific part of the angle.


Create compelling movie presentations in the Composer. Professional titles and animations from other software can be easily imported by drag and drop. Clips can be trimmed and sequenced including angle selection and arrangements. Export the final cut using our powerful rendering engine.

Flexible UI

The user interface is certainly one of a kind, a fully tabbed interface supporting nearly any file view arrangement desired: full screen, full window, and super tabbed windows. Files magically open in their last super tab arrangement, so moving between different contexts and projects is quick.

File Vaults

Files are managed in containers called Vaults, all your files are right at your finger tips, organized in vaults you create, fully searchable for quick access. Vaults are very portable and can be stored on network attached storage or external drives, so sharing your data is easy.


Focus Your Teaching Lens

Capture and accelerate learning moments during training and performances using your iPhone or iPad. Piston is built for teaching using multi-camera vision to enhance the knowledge transfer process. Create real impact at the point of best contact.

4K Vision

Piston captures vision from a wide variety of 4K network cameras and supports options for SDI and HDMI. Capture features include custom encoding options, single file and streaming file creation and sychronised multi-camera session capture.


Piston systems are capable of capturing and reviewing up to 16 network cameras simultaneously. In-sync angle switching is a simple swipe. Clips from multiple angles can be cut and downloaded for offline review. Capture sessions can be scheduled ahead of time, so nothing is missed.

Multipeer MarkUp

Shared mark up and annotatation data across all users during capture sessions in real time or post event. Mark up button schemes are distributed from a central source, so mark up data capture is consistent. Supports XML and JSON data export.


Pause, draw and save. Simple to use drawing tools to highlight aspects of the vision. Save as images with the drawings for later viewing or sharing.

Streaming Upload

Live streaming export and upload to AWS Simple Storage Service (S3). A cost effective, reliable and easy way to stream. Supports custom export settings and angle selection.

Live Opta Import

With a live data subscription, Opta's live data can be imported and sychronised in a capture session.

Super Transcoder

Video transcoding made simple and fast.

A great tool that simply does what its name indicates, transcodes video super fast.

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